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Rules of Nexxus Legion Empty Rules of Nexxus Legion

on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:46 pm
Here are the rules:

1. Be nice
You want people to treat you nice, so be nice to them too!
2. Don't grief
How would you feel when your property is destroyed? Right, so don't do it.
3. Don't spam
This includes bumping and double posting. It's allowed in the spam section though
4. Don't Necropost
This means, don't post to old forumpages
5. Respect your kick or ban
When you argue I'll make sure you get a longer ban.
6. Respect the rules
Use common sense people! I'm not typing this because it's fun!
7. Respect the admins and moderators
Tell Eclypse_ "Derrick", tbrusky61 "Ted", Steven_B "Steven", Sweden_Star "Raz", docwhy "Eric, Slyman2009 "Sly", Robase "Robbie, or themadd1 "Amber" when players misbehave.

Admin and Moderator rules:
1. Of course all of the above.
No comments
2. Bans
Only ban when necessary.
3. Reasons
When you banned or ip-banned someone make a thread in the forums why and how long.

I can't think of more now, so respect them.

Eclypse_ aka Derrick
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