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New Nexxus Legion 1.2 map!  Empty New Nexxus Legion 1.2 map!

on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:43 am
As many of you know, the server was very laggy. One of the reasons is the world got TOO BIG for the server to handle it well. While there are ways to reduce the world's size, here is a reason why we couldn't simply do that...

New Nexxus Legion 1.2 map!  Pbucket

With 1.2, came the doubling of how high you can build. When you first update to 1.2, minecraft "converts" your 1.1 world to a 1.2 map. For whatever reasons, the conversion wasn't complete and created huge gaps in the underground like the picture above.

As such, a lot of people's buildings have been saved. If you log into the server and clearly don't have your place back yet, find a place, and let an admin online know. If no admins are online, leave a message on this announcement, showing a picture of where you want your place to be placed, coordinates, and direction. If an admin accepts your request, your home will be placed there accordingly.

Remember: To put this in perspective, this is a slight inconvenience to you. It is a major inconvenience to us. Please be patient as the new world was definitely needed. You should notice the immediate difference in lack-of-lagginess!

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New Nexxus Legion 1.2 map!  Empty RE: New Map/New World

on Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:01 pm
Hi All! As much fun as Shiny and I had exploring this underground open cavity full of goodies...we really DID need the new map, as Steven just said. The new spawn is smack dab in the middle of multiple biomes, including jungle biome, right outside spawn gates! Even though we are just beginning construction of the new Spawn City, please feel free to find a space for yourself on outlying lands, and get to building, mining, and having fun! Welcome to the new Nexxus Legion World! Smile

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