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to become a trusted player i have... Empty to become a trusted player i have...

on Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:40 pm
(also thanks for letting me be a trusted player) I have built two houses one was broken down and (griefed) and i packed up anything important and moved along. i have been playing for awhile and i talked to one of the admins... his name has slipped my mind but he said he introduced you to minecraft. (he also got me this awesome texture pack) I haven't built anything amazing on your server but i can build; giant statues of any of your avatars, a cops n robbers map, slenderman, adventure maps, hunger games, hide n seek, parkour, racing parkour, pvp parkour. If i had you on xbox i could show you these. I do realize i have bans on record but that wasn't me. i think there was only two and one was my brother decided to hop on and grief. he doesn't understand the whole online server (only 7) and the other is my friend stayed the night and when i fell asleep... every server i've been on was destroyed... and all my singleplayer games had been blown up with tnt. I have been a co-owner for one server. but i've talked to him and he said he was just going to stop the server. Thats how i ended up on your server. I like it cause it has a great community.
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