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Neverending Story Empty Neverending Story

on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:51 pm
Welcome to the neverending story topic! Here, Nexxus Legion members will be able to write a story by adding one sentence at a time! Do not post two sentences in a row. Feel free to make crazy things up, but try to continue the flow. I'll write a decent sized open-ended intro to the story, followed by my one sentence.

---Story... Start!!---

It was the year 2032. Much time had passed since the fabled end-of-the-world date, back in 2012. Luther, age 18, just moved into his first home away from home.... a college dormitory. It was a co-ed dorm, with guys and girls on opposing ends. Luther was one of the first people to move in. He was very excited to be "on his own." He didn't have a bad home life, like some of the kids he grew up with. He just knew it was time to be his own man! What kind of man, Luther did not know. That's why he went to college!

As Luther said goodbye to his parents, his first roommate walks in.
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