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SignLift Tutorial Empty SignLift Tutorial

on Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:56 pm
SignLift Tutorial Pbucket
SignLift Tutorial Pbucket

Here are the two sign lifts. The first one is set to go up, the other to go down.
First line: name(optional)
Second line: type of lift. options are [Lift], [Lift Up], [Lift Down], and the private versions which use {} instead of []. The words are NOT case sensitive, so you could write lIfT UP if you wanted to.
Third and Fourth line: Write anything you want on them, doesn't matter.

Sign lifts do not have to be on the wall. They can be simply on the ground. The only thing that must be true is the signs must directly above/below each other(in the same column of blocks).

Here is a lift without a name:
SignLift Tutorial Pbucket

Here's a lift destination point:
SignLift Tutorial Pbucket
Keep in mind that you can only GO TO these kind of sign lifts, but NOT FROM. This is useful for the top or bottom floors in a building, or traps!

Here's a private lift:
SignLift Tutorial Pbucket
Private lifts can only be used by the one that created it. As far as I know, there is NOT a way to add more people to a private lift. TIP: Use one private sign each to get to the private floor, then use public sign lifts from there on. It still allows you to protect the floors above without using private signs on each floor.

If you have any more questions, watch this video:
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